~Wife. Mom. Run.~

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Motherhood has been the most exciting, beautiful, wonderful most rewarding job I have ever and will ever have: and in the same breath- it has been the most challenging, breath-taking, life-altering adventure I have ever been on.  It has its ups and downs, its triumphs and rewards. I can’t wait for the adventures that lie ahead- and am grateful for all the memories, lessons and growth that I have had from being lucky enough to be a Mom…of three.  My Life is a place for me to remember, journal or even vent about my daily happenings of motherhood, wife-world…my world.


my loves

 {our kids- left to right. T (the little), K (the oldest) and S (the middle)}

Paris. Paris and me, we have a love affair. I was fortunate enough to discover this place at an early age- and ever since, Paris has my heart. There is something about this city that will never get old. The ‘City of Love.’ For me it holds that too- my husband proposed to me aside the great iron structure- la Tour Eiffel. This year marks our 10 year wedding anniversary…the city of love is holding strong <3

Maybe this is also where me obsession for fashion began? SHOPPING. PARIS. You could pretty much leave it at that.

One day- Paris Fashion Week- bucket list.  Life-Style, is a place for tips, trends, loves and desires to all collide. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw- “I like my money where I can see it- hanging in my closet.”

~yes…yes it is~

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