Are you ready to take action on YOUR life?

So often we know where we want to end up but have a hard time identifying the goals and steps to get us there.
Together we will identify what is most important to you, eliminate the feelings of overwhelm and get into alignment with the right set of goals and values. 

xo, Brittany

As a mom of three, an endurance sport junkie and accountability coach- I get what overwhelm and feelings of high expectations can feel like. By getting crystal clear on tangible goals, I will work with you to create personalized action steps with unwavering Accountability to ensure you hit your goals.

are you ready to commit to yourself?

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Nothing comes from quitting.

If you feel the drive, the desire, the fire...keep going. I am here to help you navigate that path. 

Together we will navigate what is most important to you, and eliminate the feelings of overwhelm and get in alignment with your goals and values.

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"The longest relationship you'll ever have is with yourself.
Start choosing you,
every time"


Do You Find Yourself...

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Best Time To Start Is Now

Colleen says:

"I look to Brittany for a combined purpose:
 - To Hold myself accountable
 -To inspire me to reach my potential. 
I also look to Brittany for a pragmatic and encouraging voice about the challenges of balancing family, fitness and work."


Jenny says:

"She's also open about being vulnerable, and is honest when things aren’t working.
Sharing struggles is, in my opinion,
as important as sharing success. She also puts herself out there- it's easy to judge and scroll at a distance. It's way harder to actually say something! And try."