Bikini Season

I would like to know how many women DON’T have some sort of issue with bathing suit season. I for one do. I have an insecurity that I am working on- body confidence and self acceptance. I have made large strides personally in my development, but I still have issues that are housed within- and when bathing suit season comes about- I wish I was STRONGER in my confidence and rocking the skin I am in.

There are many reasons why this confidence is important to me – few of which are how I actually look to others. The confidence is one that lies within and the issue at hand is the projection of body confidence and learning how to ensure I project a positive form of it on to my children.

I write for an amazing platform PowHerhouse. Here they focus on female empowerment- be it work, personal, health, body and more. Tomorrow the Summer issue is released and here I focus in on my bathing suit season insecurities and progressions- and pose a challenge for you all as well!

Check out PowHerhouse tomorrow- and then check back here as I fulfill my challenge and hope that you join along too. Lets help empower one another- and begin a change to POSITIVE body reinforcement…and maybe one day, when we open a magazine or turn on the television- we will begin to see an image that reflects the actual world we live it.


Proud Mom


This past weekend was a whirlwind of productivity- but so many memories were born from it.

The main event was Sunday’s Dance recital day! It was T’s first concert- and she did so great! She was a little piggy in the ballet performance. Yes piggy. And S was a black horse. The barnyard opened the show. They were so adorable! Proud Mom Moment.  The girls got to be on stage at the same time and their smiles could not have been bigger.

s horse 2015 seymourt piggy 2015 seymourIt was also the first year S had a group Jazz dance, and although bias, she was front and centre remembering the entire thing as she rocked her way through it.

I am so proud of my girls! The sense of enjoyment and accomplishment they find in doing such things couldn’t make me prouder.  Feelings they are finding at a young age, and i hope continue through life.

s jazz 2015 GT4_5651






It is amazing all that dance can teach a child. The patience, challenge, adversity, nerves, passion, love… the list is endless, and priceless.

The confidence they gain in self, if the only thing they truly walk away with in the end, is one of the most important life lessons they can learn through doing.


i started reliving a past-time passion a few years ago- and this year i was in the recital for our adult jazz group. the family got to see all 3 girls in one place. its all for fun 🙂





The Struggle Is Real…

Why is it so difficult to find the perfect denim short. On my search, the more women i talk to, the more feel the same struggle!

There are MANY options to choose from out there and the struggle to find the perfect pair is next to impossible. Hindering my ability to find true perfection are a few key issues: they are either too short, too long, too baggy, too boyfriend or too mom (insert the high-waisted fad here).

the great debate

the great debate

I want a pair that makes my legs look hot but not sexy for school pick-up. I want a rise that covers enough without giving me flashbacks of the 80’s mom-wear… sorry, I know its in, but for me, I can’t and won’t pull it off.

Depending on your shape and size brings a whole slew of ‘why can’t i find the perfect pair’ complaints and so, here we go…the search for the perfect pair.


A guideline to begin the process is at least a 3″ inseam. Desiring short cut or long- add or subtract 😉 Mid-length is the universal length of flattering on all body types. If you are short, you may be able to add apparent height by wearing a perfect rise and a higher waist – yes, I said it. There are SO MANY options out there for the short shorts and they are a GREAT way to show off your legs… more specifically if you are long and lean. A low-rise is great for those with a short torso giving the illusion of a longer / taller you!

NOT following the 3" inseam suggestions- these true religion are staying pool side!

NOT following the 3″ inseam suggestions- these true religion are staying pool side!

Citizens- border line for length....not loving them.

Citizens- border line for length….not loving them.

You can go from 0 to infinity on the price chart with your denim…and more doesn’t always mean better. As mentioned above, it’s all about YOU, your shape and your goal to rock those shorts and show some leg.

I pulled out all my denim the other day having a ‘war with my closet’ as my husband refers to it. You know, when almost everything you own comes out and fills the floor, bed, closet counter..laundry bin 😉

I have styles from American Eagle, True Religion, 7 for all mankind, Citizen of Humanity, Rag & Bone…and more. The point is, the price points are all over and have no contention on the fit and fav- and this year, my running contenders are…

rag & bone boyfriend

rag & bone boyfriend

seven- last last contender- not a fav...but not THAT bad...

seven- last contender not a fav…but not THAT bad…

rag & bone

rag & bone







For me, the Rag & Bone seem to be the perfect mix of length and loose/tightness…the only real issue for both fits it, they stretch. Future purchases of these denim shorts will be at least one size smaller.

The middle contender is the Seven denim. I am hit and miss on the cuff, and find these aren’t too bad. The fabric is very soft and tends to hold its shape, so for now, these are my top three picks.

Now your turn #showmeyourdenim “favshorts

What are your go-to denim shorts and why!! I have a feeling this may be the clothing item that always leaved you looking for better perfection 😉

Mom Brain

What I have discovered through Motherhood is that ‘mom brain’ is actually a thing. There are different levels to this feeling – but my best description of it is a fog. I feel like my brain doesn’t completely function on a clear level- there is a sort of haze/fog that resides within.

I was at my Doctor today to see if the fog is in anyway related to hormones and how I can feel more ‘refreshed’…if that is even possible! Today I had a vitamin and amino acid IV drip. I have had these injections before, but never have they given me any form of a boost. So today we took it to the next level. I sat for a good 45 minutes as I was boosted up with a concoction of goods that in turn will hopefully up my energy levels, helping the mom brain, only temporarily but a place to start to see if this is in fact the reason for the spacey head. We will see if the energy soars from this magic potion I am hopeful but not holding my breath.  IMG_0393

I realize that sleep is a hot commodity that comes and goes depending on the day and the child. I can’t remember the last time I actually felt RESTED. This is such a foreign concept to me that I can’t remember the last time I woke up NOT TIRED. Is it actually possible to wake up feeling rested!? I’m serious. This is not a feeling I can remember.  I know that parts of this come with the territory of, M.O.M. But I also realize that without ever feeling truly rested my body can’t actually restore.

So now, with Doctor by my side, we are in search of the reason for my fog. And hopefully through the search, I will find restorative energy and mind.


Tip Tuesday- Find Fashions that only LOOK expensive!


Tuesday Fashion Tips!

Foreclothes is a place to find amazing finds for a wonderful deal! So we thought todays fashion tip was PERFECTLY fit to us!

Pairing a closet with a few key staples will ensure you look great everyday! Finding those pieces don’t necessarily mean breaking the bank either.

To be sure your closet looks polished and not cheap, here are a few quick rules to go by.

– find the perfect fit. no matter what the item, if it doesn’t fit you right, it doesn’t look right! if it’s a must-have, then spend a few extra dollars at the tailor to make it pop in the way that it should!

– embellishments. try to avoid these items unless they are of high-end quality. if they aren’t, inevitably they will fall apart and look even cheaper. stick to simple, clean pieces and add that sparkle with accessories instead.

– launder your clothes properly! dry-clean only, hand wash, lay to dry…whatever it be, follow the directions to give the longest and brightest life to your items.

Happy hunting for those wonderful bargains and pulling the whole package together!