Bikini Season

I would like to know how many women DON’T have some sort of issue with bathing suit season. I for one do. I have an insecurity that I am working on- body confidence and self acceptance. I have made large strides personally in my development, but I still have issues that are housed within- and when bathing suit season comes about- I wish I was STRONGER in my confidence and rocking the skin I am in.

There are many reasons why this confidence is important to me – few of which are how I actually look to others. The confidence is one that lies within and the issue at hand is the projection of body confidence and learning how to ensure I project a positive form of it on to my children.

I write for an amazing platform PowHerhouse. Here they focus on female empowerment- be it work, personal, health, body and more. Tomorrow the Summer issue is released and here I focus in on my bathing suit season insecurities and progressions- and pose a challenge for you all as well!

Check out PowHerhouse tomorrow- and then check back here as I fulfill my challenge and hope that you join along too. Lets help empower one another- and begin a change to POSITIVE body reinforcement…and maybe one day, when we open a magazine or turn on the television- we will begin to see an image that reflects the actual world we live it.