~Brittany Anderson~

headshot cropped

I began my online world back in 2010 with a blog i called
‘While They Were Sleeping.’
Back then I had two young ones, a one year old and a two year old, and the only time I had to myself, was while they were sleeping! I fell in love with the outlet blogging gave me. The ability to journal the crazy chaos of our daily life was amazing and led me to finding passions I never realized I had.
But that was back a few years ago; Now fast-forward to 2019.
We have three kids, and they no longer nap. No more, While They Were Sleeping. Its a different time and space that we occupy. I have found passions, old and new, and am excited to get back to something that sparks a light in me and I hope that you find enjoyment reading along as well.
BrittAnderson.com is bringing passion together allowing me to find peace in the daily chaos of motherhood, partnership and self-seeking adventure!