Proud Mom


This past weekend was a whirlwind of productivity- but so many memories were born from it.

The main event was Sunday’s Dance recital day! It was T’s first concert- and she did so great! She was a little piggy in the ballet performance. Yes piggy. And S was a black horse. The barnyard opened the show. They were so adorable! Proud Mom Moment.  The girls got to be on stage at the same time and their smiles could not have been bigger.

s horse 2015 seymourt piggy 2015 seymourIt was also the first year S had a group Jazz dance, and although bias, she was front and centre remembering the entire thing as she rocked her way through it.

I am so proud of my girls! The sense of enjoyment and accomplishment they find in doing such things couldn’t make me prouder.  Feelings they are finding at a young age, and i hope continue through life.

s jazz 2015 GT4_5651






It is amazing all that dance can teach a child. The patience, challenge, adversity, nerves, passion, love… the list is endless, and priceless.

The confidence they gain in self, if the only thing they truly walk away with in the end, is one of the most important life lessons they can learn through doing.


i started reliving a past-time passion a few years ago- and this year i was in the recital for our adult jazz group. the family got to see all 3 girls in one place. its all for fun 🙂