Tip Tuesday- Find Fashions that only LOOK expensive!


Tuesday Fashion Tips!

Foreclothes is a place to find amazing finds for a wonderful deal! So we thought todays fashion tip was PERFECTLY fit to us!

Pairing a closet with a few key staples will ensure you look great everyday! Finding those pieces don’t necessarily mean breaking the bank either.

To be sure your closet looks polished and not cheap, here are a few quick rules to go by.

– find the perfect fit. no matter what the item, if it doesn’t fit you right, it doesn’t look right! if it’s a must-have, then spend a few extra dollars at the tailor to make it pop in the way that it should!

– embellishments. try to avoid these items unless they are of high-end quality. if they aren’t, inevitably they will fall apart and look even cheaper. stick to simple, clean pieces and add that sparkle with accessories instead.

– launder your clothes properly! dry-clean only, hand wash, lay to dry…whatever it be, follow the directions to give the longest and brightest life to your items.

Happy hunting for those wonderful bargains and pulling the whole package together!