'a comfort zone is a beautiful place,
but nothing ever grows there'

Hey there! Thank you so much for landing here. I am Brittany, friends call me Britt, and I am also known as mom, mommy, bruh and Queen 🤣(iykyk) 
 I have 3 amazing kids (tween/teens i.e. the bruh and queen), been married to my husband for approaching two decades and together even longer. We reside in Vancouver and have a passion for traveling and experiencing what other destinations have to offer. I am a self proclaimed endurance sport junkie and love pushing myself beyond comfort zones to learn what more i am capable of.
My "why" is my family. Fairly straight forward, yet completely not.  

It is through sport that I fell in love with Accountability, Goal Setting and Leveling-up wherever possible. I was always an active child, list maker, planner and master of bringing people together and still holding true to those roots. It is from my habits, traits and experiences that have landed me here as an Accountability Coach.
In coaching groups, masterminds and 1:1 clients, I help alleviate overwhelm by getting clear on personal goals and values and create attainable action steps to ensure
you hit your goals. My coaching is driven by passion, motivation, connecting with new people and seeing them through their successes. I hope to connect and work with you! 

xo, Brittany

I'm Going To Give It To You Straight

Muffin dragée I love I love macaroon marshmallow. Apple pie I love powder biscuit toffee. Chocolate cake muffin tart gingerbread tootsie roll macaroon I love pudding. Topping cake biscuit croissant chocolate bar brownie.

A Few Of My
Favorite Things

riding. racing.
moving my body

dressing up and going out
with the hubs

travel. paris. adventure.


I'm Ready To Work With You!

Nothing comes from quitting.

If you feel the drive, the desire, the fire...keep going. I am here to help you navigate that path. 

Together we will navigate what is most important to you, and eliminate the feelings of overwhelm and get in alignment with your goals and values.

Are you ready for what comes next?